Let’s not Get Crazy

Hello again!

Yes, it has been awhile since my last post. I felt pulling back from what had become my ‘normal’ was a necessary step to take for my sanity. During my time away, something interesting came to light. I noticed my email box filling up faster everyday. Mostly sales and ads trying desperately to get me to click and buy. The more the world was suffering with wars, shootings, natural disasters, and uncertain financial resources, the marketing content ramped up. Perhaps I am too sensitive, but I found this to be rather callous.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Businesses in general have a finger on the pulse of their surroundings. Or at least their marketing departments should. So to see them pushing harder to make sales when the general population is hanging in the wind trying to decide whether to pay a bill or buy groceries indicates they either don’t have any idea what their audience is navigating or they just don’t care.

For example:

I shop weekly for the most part, and when I went the last time I found the prices had gone up quite a bit. Okay, I get that and I understand. But when I got home and started putting my purchases away I noticed not only had the price gone up, but the quantity had shrunk.

Triple Dippin’

Okay, so the financial and job markets are falling. The supply chain is strained to the point of scarcity. Prices are jumping higher and higher. Packaging is shrinking. But companies are spending more than ever on massive marketing pushes to keep their coffers full. I’d call that triple dippin’ in my book. How is it that they can take away in two places, but still manage to UP their costs in getting you to buy more???

Seems to me there is some crazy going on in these businesses. Perhaps they need to take a little break and allow the rest of us to gain our footing before they hit send on that next campaign.

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