Tried and True Can Still Surprise

I made a coffee cake yesterday that turned out so good I actually thought to myself “Wow, I can really bake!”

Blueberry Coffee cake

The odd thing is, I have been baking since I was around 9 years old. I have also baked professionally and as an entrepreneur. But this coffee cake caused a reaction within myself that I didn’t see coming…awe.

Aside from my less-than-stellar photography skills, you can see that the blueberries are evenly distributed (not all at the bottom). The outside is a lovely deep golden brown color and the layer of streusel interrupts the light and moist cake with a punch of sweet and crunch…it is an utter symphony in every bite.

As my sister and I savored a slice with coffee, we got all philosophical and granular about why this coffee cake was so damned good! After many minutes of back & forth, we realized it was the simple, uncomplicated nature of the recipe and ingredients that made it so yummy.

Sure, it’s fun to try new recipes- especially those with hard to find or unusual ingredients. They shake things up and reinvigorate one’s sense of taste and appetite (no pun intended). But there is something to be said for simple-basic-delisciousness. Nothing exotic. Nothing you can’t find in your own pantry or fridge. No multi-step, multi-dish, multi-temp directions to suck the fun right out of it…just measure, mix, fill, bake, cool, and enjoy!

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