Selling Is Not The Way To Make A Sale

I vividly recall sitting on the toilet seat cover in the bathroom of the house where I grew up with my mom trying to get me to take a spoon full of medicine.

She tried every trick in the book to get me to take it- and I could tell she was getting frustrated. Her final plea was always- “I’m not going to coax you”. But, she was coaxing me.

The thing is, I’m fairly certain if she had given me the facts of it all instead of trying all the tricks, I would have sucked it up buttercup and taken the millisecond of yuck right away. Why, you ask? Because I genuinely wanted to feel better. I simply didn’t want the uninformed pressure of taking something I knew nothing about except it was going to taste awful.

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Now, put this context into the product or service you are offering.

Do you use all the tricks of the trade to get people to buy?

Does this help you meet the goals you have set for traffic, sales, and referrals?

My guess is that the answer is No.

Sales happen because of emotion, trust, and need.

Your tactics don’t need to be tactics, they just need to be genuine. An informative approach to your projects instead of tricks will instigate the desired action.

When you give all the facts of the service or product, give examples of those who have, and provide a simple process for purchasing you will increase your traffic, increase your sales, and bonus– you will gain referrals…why? Because you have informed them with facts not tactics. You have given practical examples of those who have tried the product or service. And you have made it simple for them to say Yes!

You don’t have to take my word for it…I’m not going to coax you.

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