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Stand Out

Whether you own a cafe, garage, or a guitar shop, getting noticed by your audience is what you aim for in marketing. Whichever skill you nurture, you need to speak to your audience/clients/customers in a manner that will let them know who you are and what you do and why they should choose you.

Marketing is not an exact science. And often most follow the ‘norm’ or what is working for others. The tried & true is not a bad option per se, but with the amped up content out there in today’s technological world it’s easy to get lost in the quagmire. The solution to getting noticed is by doing things differently, uniquely, out-of-the-norm. Creative, MacGyver like steps will allow your message to command attention, gain interest, and bring traffic to your business.

Get noticed for your originality. Stand out from the crowd. Increase curiosity. These will expand your following and garner the results you desire.

My services focus on site audits, email campaigns, newsletters, and direct-mail.

Let me help you spend your time where it matters…doing what you love.

About The Writer

Lisa Mills is a freelance content strategist and copywriter.

As a lifelong Norwegian gypsy of sorts, she has worn many trade hats, traveled the entire country (and a few exotic locales), and acquired many unique skills.

As a born in the arts creative, she has crafted monthly newsletters, menu creation, personalized-rhythmic poetry, song lyrics, and phrases for print.

She earned her Associates in Business and her Bachelors in Communication. She is a Member of the Professional Writers Alliance (PWA), American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), and trained with Nick Usborne in his Digital Copy-Writing Apprenticeship Program.

Lisa currently lives in East Tennessee and is working on her first novel.

When she’s not writing (which isn’t often), she loves to cook, bake, and travel…the Caribbean is calling!