Specializing in Digital Content for the Culinary Crafts

Communication strategies that will support your business goals.

Your Voice and Message Matters

Whether you own a cafe or bistro. Or, you are a potter specializing in dishware. Perhaps you are a private chef. Whichever skill you nurture in the field of culinary arts, you need to speak to your audience/clients/customers in a manner that will let them know who you are and what you do and why they should choose you.

Odds are you got into this industry because you love some aspect of this often times hectic field. But somewhere in there the basics of building the business and increasing its visibility became the cookie monster of all your time- am I close?

As a business, your marketing content needs focus and direction. It also needs time and attention, which is exactly where I can help. To develop the plan, create the push, and most importantly write the content, you need someone who understands both sides of the business. Someone who has done many of the functions within the industry, and is able to create all the content your business needs.

My services focus on SEO content, site audits, email campaigns, newsletters, and direct-mail.

Let me help you spend your time where it matters…doing what you love.

Fast, Slow, or On-The-go
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Marketing content can be delivered in a multitude of ways. Many of which are fast and immediate. Which is great, but sometimes certain projects really call for that ‘tangible feel’ of material that one can hold in their hands.

It’s important to keep an open mind when thinking about your marketing projects. What you are aiming for will most certainly inform how it is sent. Snail-mail, email, blogs, posts on social-media platforms are all good options…it really depends on the project, purpose, and your audience.

When I was growing up my mom used to say all the time “I don’t care if your digging ditches, just give it your all and do the best job possible, that’s all anyone can ask of you”. Ironically, she was in the food industry for the majority of her adolescence and throughout her adult life…I wonder where I got it from?

About The Writer

Lisa Mills is a freelance content strategist and copywriter specializing in the culinary world.

As a lifelong professional in the culinary industries she has performed every position in restaurants in nearly every style. She owned and operated a bakery specializing in custom wedding cakes and sugar-work. Provided all pastries and baked goods for a national coffee chain. Her favorite skills are air-brushing and hand-painting cakes.

As a born in the arts creative, she has crafted monthly newsletters, menu creation, personalized-rhythmic poetry, song lyrics, and phrases for print.

She earned her Associates in Business and Bachelors in Communication. She is a Member of the Professional Writers Alliance (PWA), American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), and trained with Nick Usborne in his Digital Copy-Writing Apprenticeship Program.

Lisa currently lives in East Tennessee and is working on her first novel.

When she’s not writing (which isn’t often), she loves to cook, bake, and travel…the Caribbean is calling!